Add this black beauty to your bathroom decor.

Main counter top is prepared with Italian marble and decorated with inlaid stones with beautiful flowers and motifs designs.

Gorgeously design counter top of black marble , decorated with inlaid pink cherry blossoms. The use of beautifully veined marble adds a real sense of luxury.

Available in customized size, design and colors.

Artistically design bathroom conter top.

The design on edges of counter top is created with inlaid real stones  into the surface of black marble.

The abrasive water jet technology is currently used for cutting a wide range of materials.

Genuine quality, real stones or beautiful semi- precious stones go through a tough process of selection and only the best are put to use.

This art is delivered from an Italian art form know as Pietra dura ( hard stones ) which originated in Florence in the 16th century.

It involves shaping small pieces of semi-precious stones in the form leaves, flower petals etc. and fitting them together so that they can look like one complete flower or any other shape the artist intended it to look like.