A 100% handmade high grade crystal washbasin is now available.

Elegant. Beautifully brilliant. Made using the  methods of the world's oldest engraving tradition.

A rich history. A brilliant tradition…

The highest quality crystal using age old techniques from the  mountains of Slovakia.


SLAVIA CRYSTAL employed a traditional technique which has been in use for over 300 years.


In GAPEL, home of the historic SLOVAKIA  and SLAVIA CRYSTAL.


It is said that Jesuit priests started producing glass tableware many years ago for church use in Gapel, a small mountain village close to the provincial city of Trencin in the Slovak republic, and that it made the village flourish in glassware production thanks to its abundant natural resources.

After that, in the era of the Czechoslovakian republic, glassware manufacturers were nationalized, and their products were sold to the world market with the label “ Bohemian crystal''  taken from the well-known region of Bohemia.

After the Czechoslovakian republic’s separation into two fully independent nations in 1993, the Slovakian crystal  manufacturers  could not use the Bohemian name any more.

Many manufacturers closed their factories that had been in business for generations.

After the silent revolution most of the skilled engravers remained on the Slovakia side.

The manufacturers deeply regretted not being able to sell their products under the historic label.


The very first SLAVIA CRYSTAL product, the crystal washbasin, was jointly developed in 2010, by the two companies in cooperation. After many trials and hardships over five years, an excellent crystal washbasin was finalized with Slovakia artisan pride.

This first product was named VICTORIA with the most prominent cutting number, 160, developed in the Gapel village.

As a result, 10 additional products were developed with coordinated accessories for the wash basins which were developed in parallel.

The SLAVIA CRYSTAL washbasin was first launched on the European market in July, 2015 and has been purchased for suites in famous hotels.

We are proud to offer this Slovakian tradition to the world, and believe that its elegance and beauty will bring enjoyment to your life.



Cultural heritage folk architecture in Cicmany.

Traditional costumes and unique designs of the local residents in Gapel, the home town of


This design was used for Slovakia athletes’ uniform for the 2012 London Olympic Games.

Gapel is a lush and peaceful mountain village which gives you a flavor of good and old Europe.

The edge of SLAVIA CRYSTAL’s VICTORIA and ELIZABETH use this traditional design.



Slavia Crystal's production is very much based on good craftsmanship traditions, down to the very last detail.

Every piece is lovingly crafted and hand finished with exceptional care using the finest materials and manufacturing process.

a craft under the veil of perfection

Cultural heritage folk architecture in Cicmany.